‘Wheeling Reads’ Kickoff Event Takes Place Feb. 6

WHEELING — Oglebay Institute’s Towngate Theater and the Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission will host the kickoff event for Wheeling Reads: One Book, One Community. The city has voted to read Tara Westover’s Educated over the next year.

The Wheeling Reads kickoff event will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Towngate Theater in the social room. Snacks will be available for purchase. For more information, contact Sean Duffy at 304-232-0244 or lunchwithbooks@yahoo.com.

At the kick-off, West Liberty University English professor Scott Hanna will give a lecture on the impact of place in literature, followed by a short series of place-based readings by local writers, including Christina Fisanick and Laura Jackson Roberts.

Duffy, chair of the History and Literature Committee of the Arts & Cultural Commission and program coordinator at the Ohio County Public Library, hopes the 10 months will involve more than just reading the book.

He said the collaboration between theArts & Cultural Commission and the library will “feature programs at local restaurants, coffee shops and other venues, events featuring discussions of parts of the book and many more surprises over the next year.” Similar initiatives have been carried out in cities around the country to encourage a sense of community and a love of literature.

In a city-wide vote, “Educated” was chosen from a group of five books nominated by the History and Literature Committee. To participate in Wheeling Reads, simply purchase or borrow — the Ohio County Public Library has available several copies in multiple formats including digital and audio ( visit ohiocountylibrary.org) — the book and complete it before the finale event on Nov. 7, a part of the annual Upper Ohio Valley Festival of Books.


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