Short on Reading Material? Try Old Comic Books

Photos by Shelley Hanson A vintage Wonder Woman comic book from 1983 is from the collection of Martins Ferry resident Scott Hanson;

MARTINS FERRY — People around the world are trying to stay safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic as best they can, but for many abiding by stay-at-home orders is no easy task.

For those who enjoy reading, running out of books because the public libraries are closed makes for an even more difficult time. And for those who do not have Internet access, reaching books online is not an option either.

Such readers are forced to dip into their own old personal libraries to find entertainment for their brains. But an alternative for some who might have them on hand are comic books. Most comic book lovers keep their volumes in safe places away from any potential damage, but there may be some folks out there with a collection they have forgotten about.

Perhaps it belonged to one’s child who has grown up and moved out of the house. Or perhaps they were left behind by a grandchild who can’t visit at the moment because of the virus.

Whatever the situation, comic books should not be counted out as valuable reading material during the pandemic or any other time. While the stories may not be everyone’s cup of tea, most comic books, especially later versions, contain fantastic artwork that is entertaining all on its own. Often just as entertaining are the advertisements inside the books from those eras.

One hardly even needs to read the text to see what is happening and understand the story. This likely is one reason the often-thin reads have always been popular with the younger set.

So if you are wondering where you will get your next fictional reading fix, try digging around the attic, basement or closet while you are staying at home to fight the spread of the virus. You never know what you might find.

Editor’s note: Accompanying this story are photos of vintage comic books from the collection of Martins Ferry resident Scott Hanson.


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