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City Recognizes Wells for Being a Stellar Employee, Expands His Role

Spike Wells has helped keep Centre Market in tip-top shape since 2005, and recently Wheeling city officials have recognized his efforts and expended his role to provide the same services to city owned properties at the former Ohio Valley Medical Center campus, including the new future headquarters of the Wheeling Police Department at the former Valley Professional Center. (Photo Provided)

WHEELING – Whether it be shoveling snow, making sure the vending machines are stocked, sprucing up the market house with a coat of paint or providing assistance with a festival in Centre Market, city of Wheeling employee Spike Wells puts his heart and soul into his job — one he does exceptionally well. Officials have recognized what an asset Wells has been and have expanded his role.

Since 2005, Wells has been providing janitorial and maintenance services at Centre Market, first as a temporary employee and then as a fulltime employee. He will now be doing the same for the buildings on the former Ohio Valley Medical Center campus as well as the Valley Professional Center — the future location of the Wheeling Police Department.

“The Centre Market is routinely complimented for cleanliness and appearance and that is in great part due to Spike’s efforts,” said City Manager Robert Herron.

Kurt Zende, who manages the properties, said Wells is very dedicated to his job.

“I can count on him,” Zende said. “It’s almost like he can read my mind. I will tell Spike something needs done, and he will tell me it’s already done — that he saw it and did it. He has such an attention to detail. People don’t work the way we do, and it’s a day-in and day-out thing.”

Wells’ ability to address the needs of the city’s properties proactively allows Zende to focus on his job.

“Spike never stops,” Zende said. “He’s always here, and I never have to worry about him. He gives me the opportunity to do what I do because I know everything is being taken care of. We always say we’ve got each other’s backs, and that’s the truth.”

Recalling a day when Wells found a $20 bill left in an ATM machine at Centre Market, Zende said Wells could have easily kept the found money, but he turned it in.

“I’ve always known Spike was a good guy, but he proved it to me that day. He can be trusted,” Zende added.

Wells, who hasn’t missed a day of work in 16 years, says it’s about motivation and dedication.

“My job is my first priority,” Wells said, crediting his three-year stint in the Army for his work ethic.

Wells said his favorite part of his job is the people.

“I’ve met so many great people during my time here, and I have made a lot of friends at Centre Market,” Wells said, recalling many of the different events held in the venue throughout the years.

The Woodsdale resident is the father of five and enjoys relaxing at home when he’s not working. Wells enjoys sports, too, as he roots for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers, Pittsburgh Pirates and The Ohio State Buckeyes.


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