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Linsly Cadets Head coach: Kylie Harris

Linsly has won three consecutive OVAC titles and are looking for a fourth with new head coach Kylie Harris at the Helm.

In her first year taking over a program that is on a very successful run, there must be some pressure that comes with the job.

“There is always pressure,” Harris said. “But I want to prove that it doesn’t matter who the coach is because the girls are good enough to win on their own, no matter what.”

The belief that Harris has in her team is even more admirable because of the fact the Cadets are a much younger team then they were a season ago.

“This is a totally different team,” Harris said. “We are a young team but they have definitely shown that it doesn’t matter.”

Last year’s coach. Megan Caruso, is helping out with this year’s squad, along with choreographer Joey Takacs, who has put together the OVAC routine.

“Our routine has a lot of personality,” Harris said. “The girls get to show that they are sassy and they have a lot of fun with it.”

The OVAC has changed its music rules this year, so that there is no copyrighted songs allowed during the routines, so each team must provide its own sound.

“We got to make our own music this year,” Harris said. “We have thrown in different things in the music to make it our own. You won’t hear anything else like it.”

There are no seniors on this year’s roster. The 14-girl competition squad consists of juniors Alexis Storch, Gabby Harden, Savannah White, Shay Theaker and Ugo Onwuka; sophomores Maria Mosman, Gabby Grant and Lizzie Stern; and freshmen Isabel Falbo, Ally Carson, Bristol Bertram, Lindsay Lenz, Jazzlyn Gummer and Abby Berhalter.

The Linsly cheerleaders are talented but it might be their personality that makes them such a unique group of girls.

“Linsly is known to not be a full tumbling squad,” Harris said.

“But the girls are so entertaining that they show that they don’t need to be able to do 10 tucks in a row to win.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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