Nation Needs a Change In Washington, D.C.

Editor, News-Register:

He was not supposed to be a typical politician! Well, how has that worked out for us? Lets see: “No one making less than $250,000 will see a tax increase!” LIE! “Not one dime will be added to the national debt!” LIE! “You can keep your doctor!” LIE! “If you like your current health plan, you can keep it!” LIE!

Sounds like a typical politician to me! They will say anything to get your vote! I guess he didn’t always lie! He has, as he promised, fundamentally transformed this nation! What we have become is beyond recognition! It didn’t start with him, he just shifted in to a higher gear!!

We the people must make a decision! Do we like this path we are going down or do we want to go back to what we were founded on? I, for one, don’t like the path we are on! No matter what the talking heads say on either side, we can’t continue this way! Politicians on both sides have been in D.C. way too long!

It’s time for a wholesale change! I hear some say that we can’t send people in to D.C. who don’t know what they’re doing! Well, the ones there don’t know what they’re doing and maybe someone new might stumble onto something! It’s broken and it needs fixed, now!

Someone once said that a politician is the second oldest profession and it’s awfully similar to the first! If you don’t know the first oldest, I think there’s a ranch in Nevada!

Kurt Speaker