‘Hunt for History’ Begins at Cockayne Farmstead In Marshall County

Organizers for a West Virginia Day event at the Cockayne Farmstead in Glen Dale are hoping a scavenger hunt will help people to discover the rich history in Marshall County.

The scavenger hunt map, which was posted on Cockayne Farmstead’s website early Monday, lists eight sites across the county where clues are marked with yellow flags to help participants answer 21 questions that must be turned in by Saturday afternoon.

The “hunt for history” coincides with Cockayne Farmstead’s West Virginia Day event from 10 a.m.to 3 p.m. Saturday that will include a petting zoo, horse-drawn surrey and other activities on the property at 1111 Wheeling Ave. to celebrate the state’s founding on June 20, 1863. Doug Patterson, the Cockayne Farmstead’s site manager and event coordinator, hopes the scavenger hunt this week attracts participants from outside Marshall County, while also educating local residents about their own history.

“There’s a lot more here than people realize,” Patterson said. “Take some time to learn about it.”

In addition to three clues at Cockayne Farmstead, there are others scattered at the Marshall County Historical Society, Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex, West Virginia Penitentiary, Grand Vue Park, Mount Rose Cemetery, Grave of the Unknown Catholic Priest and Fostoria Glass Museum.

One clue asks participants to name the item that archaeologists pulled “on a sled up the steep slopes” of the mound in 2016. Another question asks what notable person visited Glen Dale in 1927 and whose photograph now hangs at the top of the county historical society’s museum stairwell.

Patterson said the scavenger hunt’s planners worked with various organizations in Marshall County to highlight the different amenities each one offers. Several students in John Marshall High School’s National Honors Society program are volunteering during the West Virginia Day event.

“We try to engage to the community and get younger people involved,” Patterson said.

Admission to Saturday’s “old-fashioned, farm-themed fun” event is free and food will be available for purchase. A car show is also being held Saturday across W.Va. from the farmstead in the John Marshall High School parking lot.

The maps must be submitted at the farmstead visitors’ center by 3 p.m. Saturday. The winner receives a $300 prize, while second and third place pay $150 and $100 respectively.

“It’s to have people discover the history of Marshall County,” Patterson said. “It’ll be interesting to see how many people participate.”

To download the scavenger hunt map, questions and rules, go online to www.cockaynefarmstead.com, or pick them up at the libraries in Moundsville, Cameron and Benwood.


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