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Murray Energy Started With a Single Mine

Murray Energy Started With a Single Mine

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – From a single coal mine in Belmont County, Robert E. Murray managed to build the largest privately owned coal company in the United States of America.

Over the last 30 years, the chairman, president and CEO of Murray Energy Corp. has built his company from the ground up. He also has built a strong reputation as one of the staunchest defenders and most ardent champions of the United States coal industry and of America itself.

Murray Energy Corp. produces over 70 million annual tons of bituminous coal from mines located in Utah, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio that provide affordable energy to households and businesses across the country and to international customers.

Although the International Energy Agency projects a “decade of stagnation” for coal, Murray Energy Corp. continues to acquire additional mines. Murray already operates several coal mines throughout the U.S., including the Century Mine near Beallsville, the Ohio County Mine near Benwood, the Marshall County Mine near Cameron, the Monongalia County Mine near Blacksville, W.Va., the Harrison County Mine near Clarksburg, W.Va., and the Marion County Mine near Mannington, W.Va.

Murray also owns mines in the nation of Columbia.

In addition to having worked every position in the coal industry and building his corporation, Murray contributes to select community projects as an individual donor and through contributions from his company.

The Ickes Family Life Center now under construction at East Richland Friends Church near Murray’s corporate headquarters along U.S. 40 is one such project. Murray contributed $750,000 in seed money and gave another $500,000 in services from the company.

Another example of Murray’s generosity can be seen in Bethesda, hometown of Robert E. Murray and his wife, Brenda. The self-described “old coal miner from Bethesda” gave the village a special gift in 2017 and dedicated it to all the men and women who have laid down their lives in military service to our nation.

Murray had decided about two years earlier to restore the clock that had chimed in the center of the community for nearly a century. That clock had been purchased and dedicated to World War I veterans from the village in 1920; it was removed from service in 2010. By refurbishing the clock, building a new tower for it and surrounding it with a plaza dedicated to all American military veterans, Murray said he and his family were giving Bethesda “its own Times Square.”

In 2018, Murray was inducted into The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, which honored him for building “the largest privately held underground coal mining and river and ocean shipment operations in the world.”

During his induction, the organization noted that Murray is a recognized authority on America’s electric power grid and on matters affecting the coal and minerals industries. It acknowledged him as a primary spokesman for the coal industry, both publically and in Washington, D.C.

According to its website, Murray Energy Corp. and its subsidiaries employ about 6,000 Americans and operate 13 active coal mines, consisting of 11 underground longwall mining systems and 46 continuous mining units in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Utah and West Virginia.

Murray Energy is positioned to produce about 76 million tons of coal per year. Further, Murray Energy holds approximately 3 billion salable tons of coal in reserves.

This production and reserve base allows Murray Energy to provide electric utility customers with low-cost, reliable and high-quality coal supplies.


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