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Williams Energy Making Positive Impact in Community

MOUNDSVILLE — Williams Energy has made its mark on local Ohio Valley communities, with Williams representatives and employees donating time and money at numerous locations and events to give back to their community.

Williams spokeswoman Sheri Cramblit said Williams strives to be a good neighbor, and over the last several years Williams has been a visible participant in events at schools and charity drives.

“Since 2010, Williams has provided more than $1.5 million in financial support for organizations such as United Way, the WVU Foundation and other local nonprofits,” Cramblit said. “Additionally, our employees spend hours each year volunteering their time to the community, area nonprofits, local schools and by serving on the boards of civic organizations.”

In particular, Cramblit said Williams assisted in gathering 100 hams and 75 hoodies for local middle schools over the 2018 winter break, and more than $2,000 was collected at a Williams Christmas party to buy gifts for children at the St. John’s Home for Children.

Additionally, Williams provided the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office with $25,000 to purchase 35 body cameras — one for each deputy.

In 2019, Cramblit said Williams continued to support local schools and law enforcement, as well as local zoos to assist in conservation and wildlife rehabilitation operations, with a focus on the conservation of West Virginia wildlife species.

“Williams has a long history of giving back to the communities where we live and work,” Paul Hunter, vice president of Operations for Williams Ohio River Supply Hub, said. “It’s an integral part of who we are and how we operate, and I am proud of our employees’ ongoing efforts to make our towns and cities better. Our employees strive to deliver on our commitment for valuable and sustainable community impact and to operate safely in all we do, every day.”

Stacie Dei, CEO of the Marshall County Family Resource Network, said Williams assisted the FRN with 10 projects in the past year, and that the company has proven to be a good neighbor.

“Williams has been a valuable partner to the FRN for the past several years. With their support, we have been able to provide additional resources and opportunities to local children and families through various initiatives that may have not been possible otherwise,” Dei said. “In the past year alone, the FRN was able to organize over 10 major projects with help received from Williams. This partnership has been truly beneficial not only for the FRN, but for our local communities.”


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