W.Va. Lawmakers Want More Control


Remember when West Virginia’s Republican lawmakers were proponents of small government and supporters of local control? That seems like a long time ago, and certainly is not the case in 2022. This year, at least three bills that would wrestle control away from counties, cities and school ...

Hypocrisy Over Wheeling Snow Removal Raises Ire


The city of Wheeling has taken a “do as I say, not as I do” approach to snow removal. Clear your sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall per city directive, Wheeling leaders tell those who own property downtown and in other business districts. If you don’t, city crews will clear your ...

The GOP Won’t Let Democrats Change Senate Rules

Local Columns

We are at a critical moment in history. With the slimmest of majorities, Democrats haven’t been able to pass their wildly unpopular and dangerous agenda. As a result, they are considering using the nuclear option to eliminate the Senate’s 60-vote threshold for legislation. And, they are ...

Ban Conversion Therapy Locally

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: On Nov. 16, 2021, I spoke before the Wheeling City Council and called upon them to ban the practice of conversion therapy. Since then, the cause has received Valley-wide attention, both positive and negative. Conversion therapy, for those reading who have no prior ...

Utica Shale Drilling Benefits Ohio

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: Austin Lakes RV Park and Cabins is nestled on 1,300 acres within Jefferson County, where we provide space to guests from all over to come and enjoy what nature has to offer. Over the years, we have leased our land to various companies to allow for natural gas and oil ...