Congressional Map Needs Second Look


Lawmakers in West Virginia have some work to do if they want to ensure all areas of the state have the opportunity to grow in the future, as a congressional map moved out of the state Senate Redistricting Committee Monday was the easy yet incorrect choice in how to split the Mountain State into ...

Handle School Board Issues at Local Level


“Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said last week in announcing the U.S. Department of Justice would begin investigating threats against school board members, teachers and other school ...

Single-Delegate Districts a Win

Local Columns

Later this month, the Legislature will adopt 100 single-delegate districts in the West Virginia House of Delegates. For me this has been a long, over three-decades goal that started in 1991. Soon after being elected in 1984, I observed that Kanawha County was one large multi-member district ...

Domestic Violence A Serious Problem


You may have seen the purple signs cropping up around the area announcing that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, with a phone number that people can call if they are a victim or know someone who is. That there even is a Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a sign of progress. ...

Give the Gift of Life


While there is a lot on everyone’s minds right now, we can add one more to the list: a blood supply shortage. The American Red Cross sounded the alarm recently that they are experiencing an emergency blood shortage. Saying the organization is at its lowest post-summer blood inventory level ...

A Conversation Can Make the Difference


It’s extremely hard to talk about mental health. There’s an unfair stigma. But you’re not alone: an estimated 26% of Americans 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. The conversation around mental health and suicide needs to change. One caring conversation really ...