Test Your Independence Day Knowledge With This Quiz

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Get ready to break out the red, white and blue! Test your knowledge of America’s birthday by seeing how much you know about Independence Day with this short, easy and fun quiz. 1. What group declared independence from Great Britain? A. The Minute Men B. The Second Continental Congress ...

Don’t End Medical Innovation

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: When I read that President Biden was considering enacting Medicare negotiation to reduce inflation, I was very upset. While the president has argued that this measure will lower prescription costs and decrease inflation, the reality is more complicated. This measure ...

Hope Doesn’t Harm Education

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: The May 21, 2022, article in The Intelligencer titled “Hope Scholarship Could Cost Ohio County Schools More Than $500,000” implies this legislation may result in “the eventual loss of enrollment and teachers.” The numbers tell a different story. Data from ...

Just What is the Court Doing?

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: The Supreme Court’s decision allowing states to prohibit abortion is cruel and repressive. Women, and their men, who can’t raise a child are being forced to do so. How does that honor the life of the child? The Court’s decision to prohibit states from regulating ...

The GOP Can Prove Him Wrong

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: The shocking thing is not that a minority of Americans wanted Roe V. Wade overturned, nor is it completely shocking that conservatives have won a court victory after an impressive decade of conniving. Of course, I’m not sure the party of Trump has really thought ...

Day of Women Helping Women

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: On June 21st at the Crispin Golf Center, there didn’t seem to be a COVID pandemic, nor a war in Ukraine, a recession pending, or any sign of racism and unrest. There were 106 women, mostly over the age of 60 (some in their 80s and 90s), who’s only real interest ...