There Are No ‘Minor Incursions’

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Certain things are inviolable in international and national arenas. If peace is to prevail, collective security must be upheld — a violation against one is a violation against all. President Biden caused a huge international stir when he implied the U.S. may not punish Russia harshly if ...

W.Va. Laboratories Need an Upgrade


West Virginia’s state-run laboratories are in need of consolidation and an upgrade, according to a report by the Legislative Auditor’s Office released this month. According to the report, there are options for doing the job better, but they will mean a shift away from the way things have ...

Schools Must Adapt


Ohio has a new school-based concern: decreased enrollment. In an Ohio Capital Journal report, Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction Stephanie Siddens said decreases in enrollment for the school years of 2019-20 and 2020-21 were expected, but it still is a problem. Total enrollment ...

Dark Skies In West Virginia


Visitors flock to West Virginia in search of many treasures, but one about which we don’t often think is that our remote, pristine areas lend themselves to an escape from light pollution. For scientists and stargazers, that is precious and rare in this country. Now, Watoga State Park, in ...

Helping School Districts


We knew it was coming, but some Ohio school districts still find themselves scrambling as another COVID-19 surge leaves them short of staff ... and substitutes. Earlier this month in the Lakota Schools District near Cincinnati, nearly 5% of the 1,400 staff members were out on one day. “We ...

Surprising Week 2 At The Legislature

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If “tax cut plan” was on your legislative bingo card for this session, you get to mark the spot, but I bet you didn’t think the plan would come from Democratic lawmakers. Last week, members of the House of Delegates and state Senate Democratic caucuses released a plan to reduce the ...