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Marshall County Family Resource Network Has New Way To Donate in Moundsville

Local organizations are working to keep residents warm for the remainder of the winter season in Moundsville.

The Marshall County Family Resource Network partnered with Noble Energy this month to organize The Giving Tree, a project designed to provide cold-weather accessories to men, women and children in need throughout the area.

The tree, now housed at the Feeding Body and Soul  Community Kitchen at Simpson United Methodist Church in Moundsville, began offering new hats, scarves and gloves to kitchen patrons Wednesday. The service will remained stationed at the soup kitchen until Feb. 13.

According to Executive Director Stacie Dei, the network partnered with Noble Energy to provide the accessories for the first giving tree activity. In January, Noble, along with Tug Hill Energy, the Junior League of Wheeling, the Moundsville Police Department and the Salvation Army, provided 250 coats to several Marshall County schools and seven local organizations.

Dei added the network hopes to continue the Giving Tree project with spring and summer drives and giveaways.

“Ideally, the tree will be here for a about a week and then move to the Department of Health and Human Services. It will travel to a few organizations in the month of February, but eventually we’d like to be able to do other seasonal and situational projects throughout the year. In the fall we can possibly collect school supplies and something like sunscreen in the summer. Hopefully this catches on and local organizations can sponsor it to make it a continual project.”

Sandye Yoho, director of the Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen, said the charity gives to all people in need, without specific qualifications. The Marshall County Family Resource Network donated about 40 accessories to the tree for the kitchen, along with an additional 60 for future use.

“We operate without income guidelines or restrictions. Most organizations do have those restrictions,” Yoho said. “We ask people to get what they need but only take what they need.”

According to Project Coordinator Sara Wood, the network is always accepting donations for the service.

“Items like hats and gloves are simple things for people to pick up while shopping for their own families,” she said.

Those interested in sponsoring a Giving Tree product can call the network at 304-845-3300.


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