New Corpus Christi Principal Shannon Wall Knows Her Way Around The School

WHEELING — How many people do you know who, in grade school, realized what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives? Shannon Wall is one of those rare people.

A family tradition of attending Corpus Christi Grade School set into motion Wall’s plan to one day teach at the school. That dream came true in 2009 after Wall graduated from that Catholic grade school in Warwood, then from Central Catholic High School and West Liberty University.

She began her career under the tutelage of Principal Dick Taylor, a longtime educator who had taught Wall and her siblings when they attended Corpus Christi.

“It has always been a goal of mine to be at Corpus Christi,” Wall said. “I started working alongside Mr. Taylor. He was my sixth grade teacher … and I have known him my entire life. He taught my older sister … He’s part of the family.”

Little did she know that Taylor also had hoped Wall would one day step into the principal’s office and add her name to the door. That came true recently when Taylor announced he would be retiring at the end of the current school term after more than four decades serving Corpus Christi. Wall was given the nod with little hesitation from the powers that be at the school.

When Wall began teaching at her alma mater, she took a part-time job with the preschool class. “I had three small children at home so I did part-time first. Then I took on a full-time preschool in the morning and taught the Spanish program in the afternoon with the middle school.”

Wall and her husband Ryan have carried on the Corpus Christi tradition as their children — Brody, 15, Callum, 12, and Addison, 11, have or are attending the school.

Now the new principal will enter a school year with a yet-to-be decided start date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plenty of challenges are greeting Wall, her staff and the students as they await guidance for the 2020-21 school year.

“No decision on reopening has been made. We hope to start back with a regular school year but if not, our staff is very capable with distance learning,” Wall noted.

She said since schools in West Virginia were shuttered in March, the teachers and staff have continued to offer Google and Zoom meetings and lectures for more interaction with the students rather than just paperwork.

” Whatever comes our way, I will ease my way in. I also have plans to include more service projects for our students. I believe with the way the world is today, it’s important for our students to be involved in the community with a monthly service project in the Warwood community and throughout Wheeling,” Wall commented.

She also is happy that Taylor said he will stick around and volunteer for some of the bigger school projects.

“Corpus Christi has been my family parish since I was born and always will be,” Wall said.


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