Stop the Sniping at West Liberty

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: Let’s be clear, Franklin Evans was and is a sound choice for WLU president, made by its selection committee and board. Dr. Evans is good for the university, good for the state’s college and university system, and especially good for our region. His proven ...

How Do We Forgive After This?

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: If most peace-loving countries and members of NATO think that what Russia has done in Ukraine is inhumane, why don’t they all break off diplomatic relations, expel all Russians and totally isolate them? Have no dealings with them whatsoever. Ukraine’s president has ...

Reproductive Freedom Essential

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: After 50 years of reproductive freedom, American women are on the verge of losing this constitutionally guaranteed right according to the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Americans across party lines support Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a woman’s right ...

Lions Support Camp Kno Koma

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: District 29-L Zone 2 and 3 Lion clubs held a No Quarter Auction April 9 to raise funds for Camp Kno Koma, West Virginia’s Diabetes camp for Children. Camp Kno Koma was started in 1950 and provides an invaluable opportunity for children with diabetes to gain skills in ...

Are Crime Victims Revictimized?

Letters to the Editor

Editor, News-Register: It’s widely known within the legal community (although not so much by the average citizen) that prosecuting attorneys have broad discretion with regard to how they choose to prosecute — or not to prosecute — criminal cases. Sometimes that decision is influenced by ...